How To Keep Your Lash Extensions Thriving

Updated: May 27, 2021

Need To Do:

  1. Wait about 24 hours to get the lashes wet after your appointment. Unless said otherwise by lash artist. This is because the adhesive has not fully cured or bonded onto the natural lash.

  2. Cleanse your lash extensions and do it daily!. It is so important to cleanse your lashes everyday, especially if you wear makeup. It will help prevent oil and bacteria from building up on the lash line. You want to stay away from any oil cleansers and face wash around the eyes. The reason for that is because oil will break down the adhesive that was used to attach the extension onto your natural lash.

  3. Get a cleanser that is formulated for lash extensions. You want to find a lash cleanser that is foamy, oil-free and alcohol-free.

  4. Have the right brush to use for cleansing. You want a small, compact brush to make sure you are getting the lash line and in between the lashes.

  5. Have a Spooly brush to keep those extensions in check. Carrying one with you, it will come in handy. Only brush when dry, not wet.

  6. Book Your Next Fill Appointment. To keep your lashes full & gorgeous, you want to book a fill appointment every 2-3 weeks. The extensions will grow with your natural lashes. The purpose of the fill appointment is to remove the outgrown extensions and replenish. *Book here*


Please, DON'T Do:

  1. Pull or Rub eyelashes. The result of pulling on your extensions will cause breakage and premature damage of your natural lashes. Same as rubbing, especially when taking off eye make up, you want to be cautious.

  2. Sleep on your face. This is a tough one, as for someone who likes to sleep on my side. Try your best to level up your head in some way so your not laying on your lashes.

  3. Directly apply heat to lashes. Examples, BBQs, hairdryers, ovens, etc. You need to be careful around heat. The tips of the lashes will singe if you put constant heat directly to the eyelashes.

  4. Use Oil products around eyes. As mentioned before, oil will break down the lash adhesive which will cause the extensions to fall out.

  5. Use Mascara and eyelash curler. The reason you got lash extensions is to avoid having to use mascara and an eyelash curler. Using either one will be damaging.

  6. Remove extensions yourself. Please, have an experienced lash artist remove the lash extensions for you. Trust me, coconut oil does not get you far. You are risking premature or permanent lash damage.


I hope this is helpful information to keep your lash extensions thriving! They require lots of love to be gorgeous and maintain healthy as can be. If you are not sure on how to properly wash your extensions go head and click: Lash Love - Squeaky Clean

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